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Exclusively on FestiVocal, this search engine explores the web to discover scores and midi files of polyphonic vocal music for choirs and chorals

  • Only are displayed results from sites offering voice polyphonic music files!
  • You save time and optimize your researches.
  • You can search by title of work, name of composer, opus number, or combination of these criteria.

The engine also explores some of the Musica database wich describes 160,000 editorial choral scores references in detail (with pronunciation of texts, translations, sound clips…) and 29,000 composers. To benefit from all resources register for free on the site!


You can suggest new sites for inclusion in this search engine using the “comment” at footer.

Warning: the concept of “free” does not necessarily mean an unrestricted use right … If, in general, all “documents” found on these sites can be used fot individual or private purpose, that does not automatically entitled their use in a public environment (during a concert, within an association or a community …, broadcasting on a website).
Even when the site states the documents are “free of rights” this should be understood that this refers to the legislation of the country where the site operates. Regarding the publishing rights of a score, a work may be, for example, “free of rights” in the United States but subject to rights in your country.
Respect the rights of authors and intellectual property.

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