Next Musica workshops

Since 1998 the  “Musica International” association is devoted to develop and propagate the use of the Musica database . This one contains now more than 156,000 titles of vocal polyphonic music, with the aim of collecting datas from the entire world of choral music in one unique tool.

This database is constantly updated by teams of volunteers especially during the “workshops” gathering choirmasters, editors, composers, librarians … These participants read choral scores, enter new data into the database and/or correct and improve already existing records, enrich the content with multimedia elements …

Next workshops :

  • During the choral festival  “XXe Choralies” in Vaison-la-Romaine (France), 2 to 10 august 2010, Musica International will propose a special session called “Come, Input and Go”. It will be located at the Conductors’ Forum and will aim at offering the possibility to any composer, conductor and publisher to input data into the Musica database while attending the festival.
  • Workshop on choral Italian repertoire (in preparation), in Cremona, (Italy)  in September 2010, in collaboration with the FENIARCO.

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