Choirs and choral societies directory

Registration to  this directory is free.

This directory is intended to boost contacts and exchanges between actors of polyphonic vocal music in Europe.

The informations you’ll  provide will be reproduced as you give us,  our publisher responsibility cannot be engaged about omissions or errors.

Incomplete entries will not be published.

Your registration will only be published on the FestiVocal site after moderation, and checking the information you provide is complete.

Membership in FestiVocal association receive specific benefits:

  • translation in french, spanish, english
  • Possibility to insert 4 photos
  • 4 music excerpts
  • 4 additional presentation documents (word processing format or pdf)
  • one video

Exemple of a form with photos and musical excerpts

Exemple of a form translated in french, english, spanish

Your choir  is not yet registered ? … It’s free and easy : go to the directory management page,  click the “add” button at the bottom,  fill out the form …

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