Czech Boys Choir - Hradec Kralove

CZ - Republique Tchèque

Artistic Director:

Jakub Martinec

Contact :

Martin Sedlacek - Phone: +420608200285- send a message to this choir

Type of choir:

mixed voices - amateur choir - 60 participants

Year of establishment:


Rehearsals frequency and location:

Prazska 198 - 50004 - Hradec Kralove ; 3 rehearsals per week
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Recruitment criteria:

all people


The Czech Boys Choir from Hradec Kralove continues the tradition of boys' choir singing in the Czech teritory, which started in the 13th century with the first boys choir at the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, continued in Brno with choir called Modracci with Leos Janacek and in the modern ages with the establishment of a boys choir in Hradec Kralove by Jiri and Kveta Skopal in 1982.

Usual repertoire:

general repertoire for choirs - classical

"The World Is Music"

An amazing musical journey through time and around the world has become the most desired concert program of the Czech Boys Choir. This program includes compositions by Dvorák, Händel, Mozart or Haydn and ends with a musical journey around the world, where the audience can enjoy national and folk songs from Brazil, through Japan to North America.

"Joy To The World"

This concert is made up of two parts. The first half of the program introduces the audience to Czech music and world-famous Czech composers including Dvorák, Smetana, Janácek and Martin. Colorful choreography brings the audience through a Czech musical adventure exploring the traditions in each calendar season within the Czech Republic ending the first half of the program with a demonstration of the Czech Christmas traditions. The second half of the program is a celebratory showcase of Christmas favourites from around the world.

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