Ensemble vocal Canta La´ca - 40 - Mont de Marsan

FR - France > Aquitaine

Artistic Director:

Caroline Belly

Contact :

Caroline Belly - Phone: +33 (0)5 58 75 08 58- send a message to this choir

Type of choir:

mixed voices - amateur choir - 16 participants

Year of establishment:


Rehearsals frequency and location:

Maison des Associations Joelle Vincens - 40000 - Mont de Marsan ; Mercredi soir 20h30
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Recruitment criteria:

all people


Initially it was a small group of 6 fans, it has expanded over the years. Now, they are fifteen singers in the workshop who want to combine quality, fun and originality in both voice and music choices.

Usual repertoire:

folk, ethnic music - sacred music

The repertoire is secular, traditional, sacred and from very diverse geographical origins.
The choice of sheet music is determined in common for singing pleasure, as musical improvement and the friendliness are the main objectives of the workshop.
In our program, you will find songs from the middle ages, Rrnaissance, scores in english, spanish, italian, gascon, basque or even japanese or zulu!

Internet site:

site thumbnail www.canta-laica.info * www.canta-laica.info

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